Hotel in Batam

Amaris Hotel Nagoya Hill Batam
Located in the heart of Nagoya Hill Mall Superblock , 30 minutes from Hang Nadim International Airport Batam , Amaris Hotel Nagoya Hill Batam very easily reached by walking from the office , a bank , and the nearest hospital in the center of the city , Nagoya .
Over the last three decades Batam has undergone rapid development . From an island that is still a lot of forests , to become the city it is today . Lured by the nearby Batam to Singapore , and because of the special trade agreements , many international companies have set up their operations here , Batam


Gideon Hotel Batam
GIDEON Hotel Batam is a 3 star hotel where you can enjoy the luxury and comfort as at home.
Featuring elegant interiors and upscale furniture , this hotel provides a luxurious and sophisticated facilities to the guests . Each room is like a modern oasis which offers a 42 – inch LED TV , air conditioning , cable tv , and hot showers denganair .


Hotel Utama Batam
Main Hotel Batam is located in the business center , just 20 minutes from Hang Nadim Airport , 15 minutes from the international ferry terminal and only 5 minutes from the local shopping center . This charming property has long been a favorite in Batam both for business and leisure travelers .



Nongsa Village Resort Batam
Nongsa Village Resort Batam , Riau Islands , a resort with billa traditional concept with wood as the main ingredient and is located on the beach Nongsa .
Nongsa Village Resort Batam allows you to enjoy the traditional world charm with all the modern conveniences you need. This private community consists of 100 typical Indonesian traditional wooden villa situated between lush vegetation and tall trees lining the coast in the area of ​​Nongsa , Batam .


Swiss-Belinn Batam
Swiss- Belinn Batam is the most appropriate choice for you the business traveler or travelers with contemporary services and genuine hospitality. Located in a commercial area and a strategic business in Batam , Swiss – Belinn Batam is only 30 minutes away from Singapore by ferry , and 20 minutes drive from Hang Nadim International Airport.


GGi Hotel Batam Near Harbour Bay
GGI Hotel Batam is located in the area dating , Batam , which is also the central business district in Batam . Opposite the Harbour Bay Mall and Complex and the International Ferry Terminal . This 4 star hotel has the best lobby for you .



I Hotel Baloi Batam
I Hotel Baloi Batam , 4-star hotel strategically. Located in the popular district of Baloi in Batam , Indonesia . The hotel is located next to the BCS Mall shopping center . The hotel is also close to the ferry terminal at Harbour Bay , 45 minutes from Hang Nadim International Airport .


Horison Ultima King’s Batam Hotel
Ultima King’s Batam Horison Hotel is located in the hilly area of Batam , promising the best views of the island of Batam . Only 10 minutes drive from Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre in downtown Nagoya , Horizon Ultima King’s Batam operates a 24 – hour and rooms were clean and comfortable . Free WiFi is also available throughout the hotel .

Rental Car List

Rental Car Type

MPV Toyota Avanza

5 seat is recommended, 6 seat is maximum capacity
Inclusion : driver, petrol, parking
10 hour ( Full Day Service )


MPV Toyota Avanza Veloz

5 seat is recommended, 6 seat is maximum capacity
Inclusion : driver, petrol, parking
10 hour ( Full Day Service )






12 seat is recommended,14 seat is maximum capacity
Inclusion : driver, petrol, parking
10 hour ( Full Day Service )

Suzuki R3

5 seat is recommended, 6 seat is maximum capacity
Inclusion : driver, petrol, parking
10 hour ( Full Day Service )




20 seat is recommended, 24 seat is maximum capacity
Inclusion : driver, petrol, parking
10 hour ( Full Day Service )



The Secret SPA



Nagoya, Batam

Looking to get some soothing spa treatments within the confines of a luxurious, spanking-new and private facility? Discover all these only at The Spa Secret, which offers a wide variety of treatments to pamper your body and soul. Located just across from the Nagoya Hills Shopping Centre and The Hills Hotel,.

IMG-20160120-WA0004-300x300The Spa Secret is truly a one stop spa destination for the busy city dwellers to set their hectic minds away and unwind in coziness. It is beyond doubt the secret to your well-being. Make sure you experience these to make your journey to Batam an unforgettable one.



IndoThai Massage

In the heart of the bustling city, just across the popular shopping joint Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, there is a paradise well beknownst to locals and frequent travelers. IndoThai Massage, the flagship establishment of our business, has been around for years and was moved next to its sister outlet, The Spa Secret at this current location last year, June 6th 2012.thai

Providing only the best and most authentic body massages, IndoTh

ai Massage continues to be a preferred choice among locals and tourists. All our therapists are professional, skilled and competently trained for the uniform style and techniques which have our customers keep coming back for more.


indoThaip_02 IndoThaip_03

Batam Tour Destination

Barelang Bridge the icon of Batam


Ocarina Batam Center


Beach Batam and Sea Tourism

Mega Tourism Coastarina Batam

Nongsa Point Marina Beach

Melayu Beach Tourism Destination in Barelang

Old Village and Beach Tourism
Nongsa Batam

Stretch of White Sand in Setokok Beach


Batam Transportation-Rental Car


Batam Car is The Leading Transportation Rental in Batam

rijanHi All…, I am Bang Rijan from Batam, Indonesia ( Batam Car Driver ) I am friendly, easy-going and have experience as personal tour guide/ driver around BatamIsland;

I have been serving many customers from many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan while they are traveling in Batam with Safe transportation. I am willing to show you the beautiful of Batam city.

Batam Car Driver/ My cost is also very reasonable and competitive.

My services are as follows:
1. Private tour services (Sightseeing, Shopping, Working, Leisure, etc.)
2. Ferry /Airport /Hotel pick-up service.
3. Private Driver (Use Mpv, MiniVan, Coaster, etc).

About itinerary, I would give suggestion many place famous in Batam, such as:
1. Vihara
2. Golden City ( playing go kart, factory outlet, Batik Outlet, Cake Factory and so on )
3. Famous Shopping Center in Batam
4. FamouseSpa and Message which recommended to come.
5. Dry Market.
6. Many place for enjoy and relax during in Batam.
7. Food Court with nice place.

8. We also held a bike tour to Batam- barelang, bintan, Tanjung Pinang.

9. Tour and fishing at the border location of Singapore Batam, around Nongsa, around Bintan island.

My Fullday services (10 Hours for Batam Only) cost as follows (Here is the details):

*SGD $60 for one day service Mpv Avanza 6 seater

*SGD $90 for one day service Van 12 seater 

*SGD $125 for one day service New Van 12 seater

*SGD $150 for one day service Coaster 24 seater

Note : Included fuel, driver and free parking,  No hidden charge one day service is 10 hour for Batam Only.

If a destination outside of Batam ( Example Barelang Bridge and so on ) will be charged an additional costs.

*If you come in a large number, I also provides Coaster 24 seater and bus 45 seater


Please feel free to contact

Call: +6282388919694

WA: +6282388919694

email :


Batam Car Transport is Leading of a Batam car rental and tour service in Batam.  The services provided are personal or private, that guarantees a safe and convenient service you will surely enjoy. Bang Rijan as owner of Batam Transport will always provide the best services according to customer wishes.

Bang Rijan has had long experience in serving foreign tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Europe and also America. In addition to having customers from foreign travelers,

it has also been used to serve both domestic tourists from Jakarta officials to local travelers either for business purposes or tour in Batam island.

Because of his friendly Bang Rijan have many NewHiacecustomers both from domestic and overseas always use his services when they return to Batam. He also has the English skills were quite Good, so Bang Rijan is easy to communicate with foreign tourists. With his ability to speak English makes him not only as a driver but also as a good guide.

So for those of you who want to visit Batam for business or traveled, it is recommended to use Bang Rijan’s services because he has proven from long experience. He is a responsible, honest and trustworthy, friendly and have the English skills were quite good.


There is a distinctive feature of Bang Rijan is a van car which has been modified its interior so that customers will feel at home while traveling. In addition to good interior, his sedan also full karaoke which make customers safe, enjoy and comfort during the trip. But besides van, Batam Transport also has other fleets, such as MVP and minibuses. The following is a list of rental car belonging to Batam Transport